This is my Life List

1. Go for a hot air balloon ride. 2. Climb a 6000 meter peak. 3. Try surfing. 4. Publish something. 5. Live in a house in the forest. 6. Sail to Antarctica. 7. Do the Milford hike in New Zealand. 8. Be ok with my career. 9. Live in a foreign country again. 10. Get a proper proposal. 11. Get my mother’s best recipes. 12. Become a Swiss citizen. 13. Sell a photograph. 14. Scubadive. 15. Go on a flatwater kayak trip in B.C. 16. Visit the far north to witness a migration. 17. Attend my sister’s wedding (if she decides to get married.) 18. Be an awesome aunt. 19. Meet my penpal in real life. 20. Plan a destination retreat for my girlfriends. 21. Have breakfast in a vineyard. 22. Send a hand-written letter to my favourite highschool teachers. 23. Make a grand gesture to someone I love. 24. Return to Japan. 25. Sell something on Ebay. 26. Watch a meteor shower. 27. Go to Newfoundland. 28. Take my kids on safari. 29. Speak Spanish. 30. Visit 30 countries before I’m 30. 31. Compete in an adventure race. 32. Bungee jump off a gorge in Whistler, B.C. 33. Do a tandem skydive with a freefall somewhere exotic. 34. Throw a keg party. 35. Read the top 100 books ever written. 36. Learn to telemark. 37. Meet John Goddard and give him hell. 38. Dive with sharks. 39. Teach my kids to skate. 40. Host a kickass charity event for Operation Rainbow Canada. 41. Give a keynote address. 42. Meet a Prime Minister (and give him hell). 43. See lava live. 44. Rent a cotton candy machine. 45. Learn to ride a motorcycle. 46. Go for steak in NYC. 47. Apply to Trinity University. 48. Learn to make rosettes on cappuccinos. 49.Bring back the goodie bag. 50. Tear down a wall. 51. Host another raclette party in a foreign country. 52. Take my kids to the National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin. 53. Never pass up the opportunity to help someone else cross of a lifelist item. 54. Take a photography holiday. 55. Compete in a triathlon. 56. Make my own spirits. 57. Watch whales from a surf board in the Pacific. 58. Become really good at star photography. 59. Meet Stephen Lewis. 60. Play the fiddle. 61. Photograph the northern lights in Saskatchewan. 62. Find a good reason to wear a non-wedding gown. 63. Attend Holi in India. 64. Attend Carnival in Venice. 65. Go to a Winnipeg Jets game (in Winnipeg). 66. Buy an outrageously expensive piece of fashion/art in Paris. 67. Pay for a stranger’s lunch at a restaurant anonymously. 68. Paint an outdoor space a bright colour. 69.(TBC).

Check out the rules. Alternate link.

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